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Storytime Books

Here are a few good books that I receommend for storytime. These are newer to our collection here at AVRL.


Tuck me in by Dean Hacohen – Kids love to help turn the page and tuck the little animals in.

Bandits– Johanna Wright – could be read in a slightly spooky tone for Halloween storytimes.

Dinosaur vs. The Library  – Bob Shea – Everyone loves dinosaurs, and the library….

A huge hog is a big pig : a rhyming word game – Francis McCall – Lots of fun word play in this one, with a great guessing game built right in.

Kitty’s Cuddles – Jane Cabrera – Sweet book for baby storytimes, with lots of animals and snuggles.

Plumply, dumply pumpkin  by Mary Serfozo – Great rhyming book for Halloween, just the right length and tone  for toddler time.

Rocking in my school shoes by Eric Litwin  Pete the Cat is back with new school shoes.

Find the song tune here.

Ten little caterpillars by Bill Martin (illustrated by Lois Ehlert) Add a little science to storytime!

Who said coo? by Deborah Ruddell  – Fun word play and another story that could be used with a spooky voice for Halloween storytime.


Those are some of the best that have crossed my desk in the past few weeks. Enjoy!



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