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Here are some new books that have crossed my path recently (all available from AVRL):

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum –by Lisa Wheeler.  Rhymes, and a fun, bouncy text with lots of animals getting stuck in gum.   Practise this one before you turn it loose on storytime, because it is certainly a tongue twister.

The Gingerbread Man loose in the School – by Laura Murray.  A funny rhyming story in which a gingerbread man gets left behind by the class that made him. Might work nicely with a Gingerbread Houses craft.

Cows to the Rescue — by John Himmelman .  It’s off to the county fair, and Farmer Greenstalk needs some help. Cows to the Rescue! Cows get the farmer and his crew out of several jams. Have all the kids MOO on the “Cows to the Rescue” pages for great rowdy fun (do a few practise MOOS first). Of course, you have to shout out “Cows to the Rescue!” in your best Superhero voice.

Ernest the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit – by Catherine Rayner.   Ernest is too big for the book, but his clever friend chipmunk finds a way to fix that. With a fold-out page that shows the solution, this is a great story about cooperation and friendship. Would make a nice companion to Mo Willems’ pop-up, Big Frog can’t fit in.

Bear on Chairs – by Shirley Parenteau.  Plenty of rhymes in this story of finding a way to share. Line up some small kid chairs and put as many bears as you can get (or have) on the chairs to extend this story.

Who Has These Feet?  By Laura Hulbert – add a bit of science to storytime. Lots of funky animal feet and a one-sentence explanation of why the animal has that kind of feet. Pair with Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin, Shoe-la-la! By Karen Beaumont, and  One foot two feet : an exceptional counting book  by Peter Maloney for a foot-filled storytime!

Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg – Most of your preschoolers are not going to have a clue what a thesaurus is, but their parents will get the joke and they will learn some new vocabulary in this rollicking rhyme about a little dinosaur who has a descriptive kind of day. Brightly colored and good for sharing.

999 Tadpoles by Ken Kimura – Some exciting moments and a scary adventure for this large frog family, but all ends well as a result of teamwork. The illustrations are really fun, and I could see a frog craft easily extending this.

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