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Just in for storytime season!

We are getting loads of new books, just in time for planning those Fall Storytime sessions. Here’s a few of the best:

Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere-  A monster is coming to get you. Well, actually, he wants a big sloppy bedtime kiss!  A fun addition to Halloween storytimes, if you know your audience. The book could be scary for really young kids, so use wisely. Primary and Grade 1 will love it, especially if you ham it up! Lots of fun monster sounds to play with.

Eggs 123 by Janet Halfmann  – Counting and nature and lovely cut-paper illustrations combine for a fun guessing book. Add some numbers to storytime with this one!

The Baby that Roared by Simon Puttock – Fans of Bark George will find a similar story here. Mr. & Mrs. Deer find a baby something and all the animals that come to help seem to disappear, until there’s a big BURP! Kids will enjoy the silliness, and this one could be used for October storytimes with monsters as the theme.

My Dad! By Steve Smallman – Big bear dad can do all sorts of fun and useful things in this rhyming salute to fathers.  Great filler for Bear storytimes, or when Father’s Day rolls around.

Chico the Brave by Dave Horowitz-  A little chic is afraid of everything until he sets off to find the Golden Chicken, a fake superhero that his dad made up to help him conquer his fears. A fine little adventure for storytimes.

The Bear went Over the Mountain by Iza Trapani – As in her other books, Trapani takes a familiar song, expanding and illustrating it. Add music to your storytimes with this fun book.

Fire Engine Man & Train Man by Andrea Zimmerman – The story is slight, but the bright illustrations make these a good candidate for toddler storytimes.  Vehicle-obsessed children will cheer when you pull these out.

Don’t squish the Sasquatch! By Ken Redecker – Pretty much a one-joke book that goes on a bit too long, but the right person could turn this into a rousing storytime hit. Vocabulary & talking (well, maybe shouting) opportunities abound.

Simms Taback’ Farm Animals by Simms Taback – Fold outs show large farm animals, but to see them, you have to answer questions. A fun interactive book that will get kids talking.

A Giraffe Did One by Jerry Pallotta – If you are brave enough to read a story all about farts, this is the one to try! Without ever saying the F word, this book reassures little ones that everyone, some time or another, “does one”.

Where do diggers sleep at night? By Brianna Caplan Sayres – Fans of Yolen’s dinosaur series will recognize this rhymed format. While not as fun as the Yolen books, if you are looking for filler for vehicle storytimes, this will do.

I Like Old Clothes by Mary Ann Hoberman- Rhymes and recycling meet well in this paean to hand-me-downs. Pair this book with a dress-up activity for a fun time. A good excuse to hit the local Frenchies and let Kid Imaginations run wild.

Monkey’s Friends by Ruth Brown – Rhymes and guessing are the features that make this a good choice for storytime. Good filler for Jungle or Monkey themes.


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