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A few fun books to share


Good news, bad news  by Jeff Mack

The classic “when life gives you lemons” story is told in only 4 words and a cleverly illustrated story. You’ll need to extend the book with lots of questions and have the kids help you tell this one, but it could be great fun!

Don’t Copy Me! by Jonathan Allen

Poor puffin – 3 little gulls are so annoying as they copy everything he says and does. This is a fun little romp with a tiny little lesson in patience and friendship. Vocabulary builder: kids will certainly understand the meaning of the word “annoying” after reading this book. Delve into more of Allen’s books, including I’m not Santa, I’m not cute, and others.

Too Tall Houses by Gianna Marino

Owl and rabbit are great neighbours until one day when their house-building obsessions get out of hand. They finally realize that working together is best. This is a good little tale of cooperation and friendship. Could be extended with a building exercise—how about LEGO, toilet paper tubes, or boxes?

The King Who Wouldn’t Sleep by Debbie Singleton

Kids who know about counting sheep will get the joke in this tale of a king who swears he will not sleep until he finds the perfect prince for his daughter. Add it to bedtime and pajama storytimes for a fun twist on the “counting sheep” theme. Need I say that you can add in some intentional counting when sharing this one?

Underground by Denise Fleming

See what happens under the ground in this sparsely worded yet rich-in-vocabulary exploration. Young nature lovers will enjoy seeing the underground world that Fleming has created. Would be a nice addition to a storytime featuring worms and dirt. Worm races anyone?

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