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A few new books…

This week I only have a few books to recommend for storytime,  so I am also including a picture-book biography.

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

Mix it up with this brash color book! Color theory and some fun rhymes give you plenty of opportunity to extend the book. Wiggle, mix, and be monstrous! aa monstersFood coloring on coffee filters (or other such color-mixing activities) would go well with this book.

Construction Kitties by Judy Sue Sturges

Could be used for filler in Toddler storytimes – especially in transportation or construction themes. There’s not much to shout about here– not even rhymes- but it will likely be well received by young bulldozer lovers.

aa old macOld MacDonald Had a Dragon by Ken Baker

Alliteration, vocabulary, and a repeated phrase add early literacy skills to this funny take on the familiar song. Add a bit of dragon-fire to your next Farm storytime with this one!



And now, the book that I wouldn’t  really recommend for preschool storytime, but would be great for Primary- grade 3 classes.

Brave Girl: Clara Lemlich and the Shirtwaist Makers Strike of 1909 by Michelle Markel  aa brave

This is a short,  easy-to-read picture book biography and history lesson rolled into one. Clara Lemlich is just a girl when her family immigrates to New York,  seeking a better life. She ends up working in a factory, not going to school like she dreamed. Working conditions are less than ideal, and Clara finds ways to speak out. The illustrations are worth taking a look alone. Melissa Sweet uses watercolor, gouache,  and collage that really make the time period come alive. Bits of ribbon, fabric, and sewing machine stitches are used to remind us of the work Clara does. In the cityscapes, Sweet uses newspaper, checks, and ledger pages to reveal the other side of things. Many different perspectives provide a sense of scale and the colors also set the tone. Take a look!



Picture books!

I cleaned off my desk and found a whole stack of notes on books I read and never posted here! So here’s my stash of books that I think maybe you will enjoy…   aa sleep tiger

Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue

There’s a reason the Caldecott committee noticed this book and gave it a silver medal. The lovely illustrations show a little girl who doesn’t want to go to sleep.  In metaphor and simile, her parents show her how all the other animals are sleeping. Share it any time, or as a great add to Pajama storytimes.

Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist

All it takes is a flower and a little kindness to get goat out of the grump. An interesting story about moodiness that just might work at storytime.

Perfect Day by Carin Berger

Old-fashioned style illustrations grace this book that celebrates a perfect winter day. Snowy activities such as skating, sledding, angels, and snowmen are enjoyed by a gaggle of friends. Not much of a story, but good filler for winter storytimes.

Delia’s Dull Day by Andy Myer

Delia says nothing fun every happens – but she’s an incredibly unobservant little girl! The readers sees elephants walk by, scuba divers come out of the toilet, dinosaurs on the street, and more as Delia complains of her dull life. A fun observation story to share – lots of opportunity to ask questions on every page!

aa puppyThe Helpful Puppy by Kim Zarins

Pet storytimes will be sweeter when you share this little story of puppy love. Set on a farm, with puppy trying hard to help. a few rhymes will add to the early literacy aspect of the book.

Three Ninja Pigs by Cory Rosen Schwartz

Girls to the rescue! In this take-off on the 3 Little Pigs story, three siblings — 2 boys and 1 girl –got to Ninja School. Girl Pig studies hardest and saves the porker family from the Big Bad Wolf. Told in rhyme, this funny book will appeal to the older storytime crowd.

Little Tug by Stephen Savage

This  short little story about the daily activities of a tugboat will sit just right with transport-loving toddlers. Extend by looking for other things that start with the T sound.

Mousterpiece by Jane Breskin Zalben

A little mouse who lives in a museum tries her hand at painting like the masters.  Build an artsy storytime around this book. There are so many styles of painting, and plenty of information in the end-matter. Pair with Peter Reynolds’ classic, The Dot.

Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! by Wynton Marsalis

A fun romp through the sounds around us. Make lots of noise while reading this music-inspired book. Get the kids to create their own sounds!

It’s Duffy Time by Audrey Wood

Dog lovers will rejoice when they meet Duffy – the pug who enjoys a good nap and a story with his bestie. Lots of vocabulary.

Apple Cake  by Julie Pashckisaa apple cake

“A recipe for love” is the subtitle for this book, and it fits well. A sweet little offering that would fit nicely in a Valentine’s Day storytime. NOT pink and frilly!

The Schmutzy Family by Madelyn Rosenberg

Children will learn some Yiddish along with lots of rich vocabulary in this book. Follow the family who plays hard,  gets very dirty, and then cleans up for Shabbos.  Could be a fun addition to WORM storytime!

Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton

Not a picture book — this one is poetry, but these poems would be great fun to share at storytime. Use a puppet to read them for extra added fun.

aa hippo spotHippospotamus by Joanne Willis

If you are looking for silly, you’ve found it! This one is pure craziness. Tons of made-up words and goofy ideas abound. Practise a few times before you share it as this British import has a few rhymes that only work when read with Anglicized fervor. Sheer fun.

Man from the Land of Fandango by Margaret Mahy

Joyful, delightful, and oh so much fun to read aloud! This silly little ditty will be a storytime hit. Charming illustrations and a rhyming, lilting text add just the right touch of silliness.



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