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App: Bugs & Bubbles                                                bubbles

Developer: Little Bit studio

Price: $2.99

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Educational Use:  colors, counting, letters, patterns, shapes, sorting

Age: 2-7

Why I like it:  Lots of games, different levels, and many ways to learn. Nice graphics, too.

There are 18 games in this app, so the $2.99 pricetag is pretty reasonable (and it looks great on the iPad, which is how I tested it).  Each game has levels, so the youngest can play and older kids will probably be interested as well.  It has soothing background music and  really nice graphics. And who doesn’t love bubbles? There are games for learning colors, counting, recognizing patterns, learning about opposites, vocabulary, matching, a game that uses “pinching” -(building those pincer muscles again),  a letter drawing activity, and several more! The games are entertaining enough to play more than once, and the skills that can be developed are many.


Comments on: "App of the Week: Bugs & Bubbles" (4)

  1. Amanda Murray said:

    Hi Angela,
    I noticed that you sent your item to Ontario in Kay Leigh’s last storytime swap. I’d like to participate in the upcoming swap, and I’m wondering if you would mind telling me roughly how much it cost you to mail your item last time. (I’m in Ontario and many participants are likely in the US) Thanks Angela, this will help me decide how many swap partners I can sign up for 🙂

    • Hi– It cost me around $8 to mail it from NS to Ontario. I probably could have mailed it cheaper, but I put it in a file folder and added some cardboard to keep it flat. 🙂

      • Amanda Murray said:

        Ha! I thought you were located in the US – I guess I was thinking of the Nappa Valley(duh :)). Thanks for sharing – that price sounds pretty reasonable. Are you participating in the swap again this time?

  2. Amanda Murray said:

    Cool app, BTW 🙂

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