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Summer Storytime

Summer is a hard time for me to get time to blog, but I just had a few minutes to enjoy some of the new books that came in, so I am sharing them with you! Here are a few fun books that would be good for a summer storytime.

Ribbit by Rodrigo Folgueira

A pink pig turns up in the frog pond, and all he says is “Ribbit”. Is he making fun of them? aa ribbitWhat is he up to? The wise old beetle solves the mystery. A fun little riff on friendship.


I Wish I Had… by Giovanna Zoboli

The narrator wishes for animal qualities and the illustrations are lovely for the storytime setting. A quite, gentle selection.


Open this Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier

The Many little books inside this book will delight your guests at storytime. A cumulative tale that would really work well turned into a flannel story!


Unicorn Thinks He’s Prettaa unicorny Great by Bob Shea

Poor Goat. He was thinking he was pretty cool until Unicorn came along. Unicorn can do better magic tricks, can fly faster than goat can ride, and can make cupcakes rain from the sky. But Unicorn thinks Goat is pretty great, too.  Bob Shea’s signature humour shines here. So. Much. Fun.


That’s all for now. Summer posts will be few and far between, but thanks for reading!

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