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Flannel Friday: September 27

The Flannel Friday for Sept. 27 is here! You’ll find lots of ideas for autumn, plus some fish and a traffic light prop. Get inspired with these lovely ideas from your fellow Flannelizers!

Here are the links!

Here’s a last-minute addition: Little Cloud

But wait, there’s more! Check out these cool sheep, sung to the tune of Baby Shark.

..and next week’s host is Kay, who will be hosting the Halloween Round up!

And now, a guest post from Lois Burgess, who does storytimes in two of our branches.Apples 002

This is my first submission to Flannel Friday and I’m SO EXCITED!  A little over a year ago, I started doing a weekly and monthly preschool storytime at two local libraries.  It was shortly after, that I found this wonderful site.  I guess you could say “I’m in Love”! You guys are so generous, creative and just plain fun! 

 My contribution isn’t a flannel but a handmade prop made by my 87 year old  mum!  I stumbled across a pattern for knitted apples online and enlisted her help in knitting me a bushel of apples!  I think they are just adorable.  Here is the link to the patternI am going to use them with our “Fall Harvest” theme next week.  I found this song on Molly’s blog, “What Happens In Storytime” and made a couple of tiny tweaks:


    “Picking Up the Apples

(tune: Paw Paw Patch)

Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Way down yonder from the apple tree.


                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Way down yonder from the apple tree.


I plan to give each child an apple before we sing the song.  When they hear the color of their apple, they will come up an put it in the bushel basket.  After singing, we can count and sort the apples by their colors.  But we just can’t eat them!  Happy fall everyone.

 Thanks Angela for hosting Flannel Friday!

Fall into books…

Here’s a new batch of books, just in time for autumn:

Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters by Jane Yolenaa romping

Another in the long line of “monster manners” books. Little monsters frolic in the park and get grumpy, but of course, end up saying “sorry”. Very simple rhyming test will add filler to monster/Halloween storytimes. Non-scary pictures make it fun for the wee ones.

How big could your pumpkin grow? By Wendell Minor

A fun add to October storytimes which includes a lot of great vocabulary.

Monster be good by Natalie Marshall

Friendly, silly, big-eyed monsters misbehave, but this book tells you how to tame them. A nice addition to Halloween storytimes.

aa weeWee Hours by Stephanie Watson

A fanciful addition to the bedtime genre. What goes on while you sleep? Little elves called the Wee Hours prance about in your bedroom, that’s what. Gentle and playful wee things inhabit this night-time counting book. Have children count and move along.

Read me a story, Stella – by Marie Louise Gay

Stella and Sam have lovely imaginations, and Ms. Gay shows us that those good imaginations came from reading books. Familiar characters make this very sweet bookish tale a good add to storytimes for those who can sit for a longer reading.

Pete the Cat- Wheels on the Bus

Not as spiffy and fun as a “real” Pete the Cat book, this one is based on the character created by J. Dean and Eric Litwin. While not as great as we expect from Pete, it will be a good addition to the transportation storytimes, especially for groups who know and love Pete.

 Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousinsaa peck

Little woodpecker learns to peck- and pecks everything in sight! Have kids peck along for a fun interactive read. Nicely designed with holes in the pages, this book is a good fit for storytimes.

My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young

A young girl looks at colors through her own lens – and as others see them and finds that colors can be many moods. A different look at color for storytime.

The things I can do– by Jeff Mack

Proud toddlers who have learned to tie shoes, use glue, draw, and take a bath will relate to the characters in this rhyming book with fun, child-like illustrations.






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