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sheep 002I’ve been invited to be part of an annual “Back to Back” event– the team will shear a sheep, spin the wool, and knit a sweater. This all happens in one day. This year the event is on May 31 and takes place at the Lawrencetown Fire Hall. The team is donating all funds raised to the library, so yes, I’ll be there! I’ll be doing a storytime at 11 AM and I needed a good flannel board story, so where did I turn? To Flannel Friday, of course! There I found a cute story about shearing sheep. Perfect! The one I copied was from Fun with Friends at Storytime (thanks!). I did mine a little bit differently, and changed the rhyme, because when I told one of the participants in the Back to Back challenge about the story I was working on, she gave me some actual wool to use– and it was different colors! Also, I use puffy paint for the details, to save on time.  So, here you have it: Five Little Fluffy Sheep.

Five Little Fluffy Sheep
(sung to 5 green & speckled frogs)

Five little fluffy sheep
In the pasture fast asleep.
Their wool kept them warm all night long.                                       sheep 001
The Farmer ran away with one,
Sheared the wool till she was done
Now there are four more fluffy sheep.
bzzzzz, bzzzzzz!



I think we are going to have lots of fun shearing these little sheep on May 31. Of course I’ll have some sheep books, too, including one of my all-time favourite books, Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.



Comments on: "Five Little Fluffy Sheep" (2)

  1. Love the different colors and real wool! Sounds like a really fun event!

  2. Just tested this out at Storytime Lab, and the kids loved using their very own imaginary shearers to buzz off the wool– and make the sheep “naked” (one little boy thought it was hilarious that the sheep were naked).

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