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Spots and Seeds and Sadie

Here are the books that caught my eye as they passed by me this past month…. and also This is Sadie, which I have been waiting and waiting to see! It did not disappoint.

On Sudden Hill by Linda Davies, illustrated by Benji Davies, Simon & Schuster, 2014sudden hill
The illustrations made me pick this book up, and they are lovely & charming, with that retro feel. The bookmaking will impress, with that thick paper and matte finish. But the story, too, is a fine one to share at storytimes. Two boys are BFFs, playing together each day with cardboard boxes on Sudden Hill. Then another boy comes along, and the friendship sours. But the three of them find a way to play together. This is a great story about friendship and imagination and it might have you saving up boxes for playtime after you share this. Might be a good choice for BUILD programs.

Nancy Knows by Cyble Young, Tundra, 2014
A quiet, elephant-remembering book. Nancy has forgotten something, but she remembers at the end! Would likely be best for smaller group sharing, since the illustrations are quite detailed. But once kids start looking, this will generate plenty of conversation. Be prepared to hand this one over for lots of close exploration.

Drive: A look at Roadside opposites by Kellen Hatanaka, Groundwood, 2015
There aren’t many words in this book, but it would still be fun to use at storytime. I could see reading one opposite, and letting the kids guess what the other word would be. Some are very easy but others more difficult. The illustrations, done in a blocky retro-style, make it worth trying.

Ten Pigs: An epic bath adventure by Derek Anderson, Orchard Books, 2015
Add some math and a funny twist with this book. There’s a surprise wolf at the end, so I’m adding this one to my Big Bad Wolf storytime list. Fun comic-style illustrations will engage kids.

spotsSpots in a Box by Helen Ward, Templar Books, 2015
A guinea fowl with no spots? Time to mail-order those decorative dots. Of course, the spots are not right, and so the story rolls on until the bird finds the right spots. Told in a jaunty rhyme, this will be a fine addition to storytime. The lovely illustrations, featuring lots of white space, cut-outs, and even texture, will draw the kids into the story.


The Bus is for Us by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Gillian Taylor, Candlewick, 2015
Simple rhymed look at regular—and fantasy– modes of transport, but the best, the best is the BUS. Will be a fun add to toddler storytimes.

With a Friend by your side by Babrbara Kerley, National Geographic Books, 2015
I like sharing books that are nearly non-fiction at storytime. This one fits the bill, with beautiful photographs and a message about friendship.

This is Sadie by Sara O’Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad, Tundra, 2015saide
Strap on your imaginations and take a trip with Sadie (I think you are going to fall in love with her). This gentle ode to creativity will make a nice addition to storytime. Don’t miss this little Canadian gem, beautifully illustrated by Julie Morstad. Maybe you can make a fox mask afterwards? Check out the activity kit for the book HERE.

Bulldozer’s Big Day by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann, Atheneum, 2015
All the big vehicles pretend they don’t know it is little bulldozer’s birthday, until the end, when they pull out a big cake. A fun story for toddler transportation storytime.

If you plant a seed by Kadir Nelson, Balzer & Bray, 2015
Lovely illustrations frame a short tale of kindness. Bordering on didactic, this story of being nice instead of grumpy will hit the mark for toddler and preschool audiences.

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