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Here are a few more lovelies for Picture Book Month! sing a song

Sing a Song of Bedtime by Barbara Reid, Scholastic
Reid’s signature clay illustrations will be welcomed by many families looking for bedtime stories. This Canadian favourite is a good choice to add to any collection—pick a poem for each night, or share the whole thing. Fun illustrations make this one suitable for storytime or one-on-one.

Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler, Balzer & Bray
Imagination is the key here, as well as good vocabulary. Could be used in quiet storytimes for an older audience. Look for the world that is beyond ordinary and explore with this lovely little work of art.

Sea Tiger by Victoria Turnbull, Templar
Again, imagination rules. This would work well with Beyond the Pond & Imagine a World. I have to admit, I just love these fantasy-world illustrations, maybe more than the story. But is is such fun to look at, it would be worth a read at storytime.

imagine worldOf interest to teachers:
Imagine a World by Rob Gonsalves, Simon & Schuster
Keeping with the imagination theme, the illustrations in this book will have you looking again and again. Teachers could certainly use this as a jumping-off point for writing exercises – look at your world, again and again. What do you really see? The text is poetic and inspiring.

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