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This handful of books caught my eye on the new book cart. This week’s theme? Friends. And animals.

Picture Booksroar sweet
Listen to our World by Bill Martin Jr., Illustrated by Melissa Sweet , Simon & Schuster    We begin with children, and then we travel the world with baby animals listening to the sounds in their environment. The sounds all appear in the illustration, integrating text and art. Sweet’s mixed-media illustrations make the simple text so much richer; just look at these lion cubs roaring! With lots of good vocabulary, this is a great addition to animal storytime.

I am Bear by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyuz, Candlewick
A very slight book that will be a fun addition to storytime—if you can pull it off. There’s a video by the book’s makers, which may give you a suggestion of how to rap this book. If your storytimers love “Pete the Cat”, you should probably give this one a try. Just be prepared to explain the homonyms of BEAR and BARE.

birdsSome birds by Matt Spink, Abrams Appleseed
A short, rhymed text about birds is made large with stained-glass style illustrations. These birds have familiar shapes, but the colours are all fun and games! With the feel of a completed colouring book, these birds are fun to peruse and will make a fine addition to birdy storytimes.


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe by Jane Cabrera, Holiday House, Inc.    Cabrera has extended yet another familiar nursery rhyme, this time taking on that old woman and her shoe. If  you are looking for a book that will satisfy your recycling and re-purposing niche, try this one! This “old woman” makes do with whatever she can reuse. A nice twist on an old rhyme.

For Teachers….
The Typewriter by Bill Thomson, Two Lions typewriter
Three friends find a typewriter – it must be a magical one, because when they type words, the words come to life. Beach, ice cream, ball, crab – a sunny day at the beach ensues. This is a wordless book, so makes for a good writing exercise. And it has diversity—the friends are each a different race. This is the kind of diverse book I really appreciate—the book is not about them being different races, it is about friends having fun who happen to be of different races.

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