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Since Summer Reading Club looms large, and is taking up most of my time, this will be a quick recommendation list. But take a peek, there’s some great new books heading your way.

Have a Look, Says Book / by Richard Jacksonlook book

Short, rhymed, and chock-full of new vocabulary, this is a fun one to share. Love the illustrated words that help kids learn the meanings.

On the Farm & At the Market / by G. Brian Karas

Perfect to share before a trip to your local farmers’ market! Explores how the food gets to the market, and what happens once it is there.

Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood / by F. Isabel Campoybeautiful

Art lovers, take note. This book sings, moves, swirls, and pops with colour and joy. Take a grey neighbourhood and add paint and you have something beautiful. Kids might want to paint their street once they see this, so you have been warned.

Brave Bear / by Sean Taylor

A little toddler bear is cautious, but with help from Dad, carries on. Illustrated by Emily Hughes, this one is a real charmer.

Twenty Yawns / by Jane Smiley

Looking for a bedtime counting book? Find all twenty of  the yawns and you’ll be on your way to sleepytown. But what you really want to look for in this book is the art by Lauren Castillo. Look for her use of light, and be impressed by her use of thick line.

tattooTell Me a Tattoo Story / by Alison McGhee

Finally, someone has written this book. So many children have tattooed parents, and now they have a book that shows us that a tattoo can be a story.



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