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Are your ears ready to read a book? This post is all about audiobooks, written to accompany the audiobook session at the 2019 NSLA Conference, presented by Francisca Goldsmith and Angela Reynolds (that’s me)!

First, I want to tell you about a new format that I got to test. Have you heard of Wonderbooks? It is a new format from Playaway, with the audio built right into the book. It even charges up with a USB cord, so no need for batteries. The buttons are easy to navigate, and the instructions are read aloud, so children can easily operate the book. There’s a read-along mode as well as a learning mode, which has good questions that can serve as models for adults or adult learners sharing books with children. I listened to an easy reader and a picture book. Both had high quality audio recordings, and the page turn signal did not interfere with the enjoyment of the book. Thanks to Live Oak Media for a couple of review copies of this awesome new way to share read-along picture books.

For some examples of how AVRL uses and promotes audiobooks, see our Teen SRC, Book Club in a Bag, and booklists for kids and teens.

And now, for the links and resources!

Sound Learning – Lists, articles, and information on how audiobooks promote literacy

Article: End of Audiobook Snobbery

How to book a Skype visit with a narrator (and other resources for libraries)

AudioFile Magazine – Reviews, blog, and podcasts

The Audies (award winning audiobooks)

The Odyssey Award

Ears on the Odyssey (Mock Odyssey blog)

Notable Recordings for Children (ALSC)

Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults (YALSA)

Audiobook SYNC (free audiobook downloads during summer)

Thanks for listening!




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