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Board Book Bonanza

photoWe just got a huge order of board books in, just in time for all the grandmas in our office to ooh and ahh over them and sneak off to order them for their new grandbabies. If you have a new baby in your life, here’s your shopping list! These are lovely, exciting new books. And of course, you can borrow them from our libraries, if you just want to look and read.

My favourite of the bunch has to be Alphablock by Christopher  Franceschelli. Each page has a letter of the alphabet die-cut, and the next page tells you what the letter is “for”. This is a rather hefty board book, but little hands will love turning these thick pages and exploring the shapes of the letters inside. Below, you can see the page for the letter F.


  Little You by Richard Van Camp is a sweet, soothing little book all about a parent’s love for their infant. The colors are  soothing as well, and match the tone of the book. This would make a lovely baby shower gift.  you

Matthew Porter’s Tails Chasing Tails is a fun guessing game.  It looks like cartoon folk art painted on wood boards, and with one big, bright image per page, is perfect for little eyes to focus on. Toddlers will enjoy trying to guess what comes next. tailsYou Are My Baby by Lorena Siminovich has an interesting feature. It is like 2 books in one: the adult animal is on the big page/book, and the baby animal is featured on the smaller page/book. This one will be fun to play with as well as to read. You can see the two books in the photo here. chick

Hello Baby by Roger Priddy is a series of high-contrast books for the newest reader. These books feature a simple picture and a word– baby’s first vocabulary!

bootsFor the vehicle-obsessed, there’s Diggers Go by Steve Light. This book is long (in order to contain these big diggers!) and has lots of great sounds. You’ll be roaring around the room with this fun book. digger

Opposites by Xavier Deneux has a neat little feature. On one page, there’s a picture, which is raised just a little, and on the verso, the opposite has a relief area where the image fits in. It isn’t a very good photo, but I think you can see what I mean here:   opposite

And last, but not least, is The Finger Circus Game by Hervé Tullet. Kids love to be a part of the story and it is easy with this little book. Your fingers are the stars at this circus. I just love all of his books, from the brilliant Press Here to The Book With a Hole. If you appreciate good design and cleverness, you can’t go  wrong with a Tullet! finger

And there you have it! The Board Book Bonanza! Books are the best gifts, for any occasion.  Any baby would be lucky to get these little gems!

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