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Five Little Fluffy Sheep

sheep 002I’ve been invited to be part of an annual “Back to Back” event– the team will shear a sheep, spin the wool, and knit a sweater. This all happens in one day. This year the event is on May 31 and takes place at the Lawrencetown Fire Hall. The team is donating all funds raised to the library, so yes, I’ll be there! I’ll be doing a storytime at 11 AM and I needed a good flannel board story, so where did I turn? To Flannel Friday, of course! There I found a cute story about shearing sheep. Perfect! The one I copied was from Fun with Friends at Storytime (thanks!). I did mine a little bit differently, and changed the rhyme, because when I told one of the participants in the Back to Back challenge about the story I was working on, she gave me some actual wool to use– and it was different colors! Also, I use puffy paint for the details, to save on time.  So, here you have it: Five Little Fluffy Sheep.

Five Little Fluffy Sheep
(sung to 5 green & speckled frogs)

Five little fluffy sheep
In the pasture fast asleep.
Their wool kept them warm all night long.                                       sheep 001
The Farmer ran away with one,
Sheared the wool till she was done
Now there are four more fluffy sheep.
bzzzzz, bzzzzzz!



I think we are going to have lots of fun shearing these little sheep on May 31. Of course I’ll have some sheep books, too, including one of my all-time favourite books, Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.



Flannel Friday: September 27

The Flannel Friday for Sept. 27 is here! You’ll find lots of ideas for autumn, plus some fish and a traffic light prop. Get inspired with these lovely ideas from your fellow Flannelizers!

Here are the links!

Here’s a last-minute addition: Little Cloud

But wait, there’s more! Check out these cool sheep, sung to the tune of Baby Shark.

..and next week’s host is Kay, who will be hosting the Halloween Round up!

And now, a guest post from Lois Burgess, who does storytimes in two of our branches.Apples 002

This is my first submission to Flannel Friday and I’m SO EXCITED!  A little over a year ago, I started doing a weekly and monthly preschool storytime at two local libraries.  It was shortly after, that I found this wonderful site.  I guess you could say “I’m in Love”! You guys are so generous, creative and just plain fun! 

 My contribution isn’t a flannel but a handmade prop made by my 87 year old  mum!  I stumbled across a pattern for knitted apples online and enlisted her help in knitting me a bushel of apples!  I think they are just adorable.  Here is the link to the patternI am going to use them with our “Fall Harvest” theme next week.  I found this song on Molly’s blog, “What Happens In Storytime” and made a couple of tiny tweaks:


    “Picking Up the Apples

(tune: Paw Paw Patch)

Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the apples and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Way down yonder from the apple tree.


                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Picking up the red ones and puttin’ ’em in the basket.

                             Way down yonder from the apple tree.


I plan to give each child an apple before we sing the song.  When they hear the color of their apple, they will come up an put it in the bushel basket.  After singing, we can count and sort the apples by their colors.  But we just can’t eat them!  Happy fall everyone.

 Thanks Angela for hosting Flannel Friday!

Storytime Swap: The fish with the deep sea smile

I’ve been wanting tdeep sea smileo make this flannel poem, and the Storytime Swap was the perfect opportunity. I figured I might as well make a second set if I was going to make it anyway. So glad I did, because it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. The poem is by Margaret Wise Brown, and the pattern I used is from Judy Sierra’s brilliant book, The Flannel Board Storytelling Book. If you make felt stories, your library needs this book. It is filled with greatness!

My swap should be ready to hop in the mail on Monday unless the blizzard they are predicting is really as big as they say it will be. At any rate, these fish will be on their merry way to Ontario! Looking forward to seeing all the blog posts and what everyone is sharing, and of course I look forward to seeing the new felt story I get in trade! If you want to see the other blog posts, click here to visit Storytime ABC’s blog.

deep sea smile 004

Halloween Storytime!

Today I did Halloween storytime – I have to admit, it is my favourite.  Storytime here is a mixed bag– babies in arms, crawlers, toddlers, and 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 year olds attend. You just never know who is going to show up.

Here’s the books we shared:                                                            

Halloween Surprise by Corinne Demas

Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca and Ed Emberley

Monster Mash by David Catrow (song after, more on that later)

What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen by Nick Sharratt — this one was the hit of the books, with the interactive opening of the doors and the cheering YES! or  NOOOOO!. They loved this book.

Felt stories included the Jack o’ Lantern story (you can find pattern and instructions here). They loved the silliness of this and giggled through the whole thing. I also did one of my old favourites, Knock Knock. This one was also well-received. They love the flannel board stories!

Did a few action rhymes, including “Monster Monster Turn Around” (a modified version of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around), and Two Little Ghosties which was fun, they really enjoyed the BOO! at the end.

I added in some really fun and simple activities. We did Spoon Races — wooden spoons with golf balls that had eyeballs drawn on with Sharpie markers. I was surprised that some of them could actually do it! we do have a set of larger, plastic balancing toys for the younger kids, and they enjoyed these as well. I tried playing Monster Mash after I read the song, and I got them all up to dance, but for some reason, today they were not so keen on dancing. Maybe it was the song, or maybe they were just shy today. Turned it off about halfway through. The favourite activity may have been Fishing. I put some spider and bat rings and little bracelets into a bucket, and the fishing poles were bendy straws.  They got to keep what they fished out. I was MOBBED for this one.

For craft we made handprint ghosts. Surprisingly, the paint was well received by parents and did not get everywhere. I had a wet towel handy (pardon the pun) to wipe off the paint. Easy craft: Paint their hands with white tempera, then they make a print onto black construction paper. I had some googley eyes to glue on as well.  So cute! One little boy brought his truck along, and it made a ghost painting, too.

For snacks we had Apple Monster Mouths and Eyeball Cupcakes (for the apple treats, I used carrots instead of almonds, just to stay away from the whole Nut Allergy thing).  Loads of fun was had by ALL!

So many of these ideas I found on Pinterest. Here’s my Pinterest HALLOWEEN board, check it out for these and more great fun ideas!

Exciting news for Flannel Friday!

Introducing the Flannel Friday website!

As you know, Anne at So Tomorrow has been an amazing manager and archiver
of Flannel Friday information for the past year. Anne and her husband are
expecting their first baby in June (congratulations Anne!) so we wanted to
give her a break from Flannel Friday during her maternity leave. So this
spring, Anne and Mel from Mel’s Desk and a small group of old and new
Flannel Friday-ers worked to create a new web home for Flannel Friday.

Here’s the link!

The new site will be the home of the Round Up Schedule, the archives, FAQs
about Flannel Friday, information about how to get involved with Flannel
Friday, and links to help new members get started with social networking
and blogging. There will also be a link to the week’s Round Up, but the
Round Up will continue to be hosted on individual blogs. We’ll just point
to each Round Up from the site.

Refining the Round Up Procedure

The Flannel Friday community has grown continuously over the year, with new
bloggers, new Round Up Hosts, and new members every week on Facebook,
Pinterest, and Twitter. We are building an amazing community and are
grateful to each and every one of you for your participation and
enthusiasm. As the group has grown, you’ve probably noticed that so have
the Round Ups! We’ve seen an inevitable increase in missed links and
general confusion as the Round Ups are compiled. We thought that the launch
of the new site was a great opportunity to take a page from other round ups
in the blogosphere and establish one single method for building the Round
Up each week.

This information will be in the FAQs on the new site, but here’s our new
strategy in a nutshell:

Every week the Round Up Host will publish a “placeholder” post for the
Round Up on the host blog at 10pm EST on Thursday.
Each blogger who wants to participate in the Round Up will make a comment
to the Round Up post with the link back to their Flannel Friday post by
10pm EST on Friday.

This will be the only place to post links for the Round Up! This way the
Host won’t have to worry about checking Facebook or Twitter as well.
If a blogger can’t make the 10pm EST deadline on Friday, we’ll ask that the
post be held for the next week’s Round Up.The Round Up Host will gather links from the Round Up post comments throughout the day, and publish the Round Up at the end of the day.

We hope this will make the Round Ups easier to create and easier to
contribute to! We’ll look forward to your feedback over the next few weeks.
Sharon @ReadingChick at Rain Makes Applesauce has the Round Up this week,
5/11, so she’s going to try out the new procedure with us and see how it

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to share them via the new
Flannel Friday email: flannelboardfriday [at] gmail.com.

Thanks for all you do to to make Flannel Friday more than a blog event–but
a great community too. Here’s to the next great year of Flannel Friday!

Flannel Friday- The bear’s pajamas

Time to dream big, bear! Here’s a story that is super easy to make, but does require some memorizing to tell. But once you do it a few times, it really is a fun story. I can’t recall where I found this story, but here it is:

The Bear’s Pajamas:
It was nearly winter and Papa Bear was grouchy as an old bear can be when it is close to bedtime. The only reason Papa Bear was still up at all was that Mama Bear was sewing him a new pair of winter pajamas, and they were not finished. Now Mama Bear was tired and sleepy too, and wished she had the pajamas all done by now, but Papa bear could not decide what colour he wanted!

Papa Bear grumbled and groused and growled his way down to the sewing room where Mama Bear was working. She merely sniffed when he came in, and kept on sewing. She cut out a red top and red pants. (place pieces on board)

Red pieces, all wrong...

But because Papa Bear was making so much noise grumbling and grousing and growling, Mama Bear could not concentrate. She sewed the LEFT arm where the RIGHT leg should be. (place pieces). Then she sewed the RIGHT arm where the LEFT leg should be. (place pieces) And the LEFT leg where the RIGHT arm should be and the RIGHT leg where the LEFT leg should be. (place pieces)

And then she showed the pajamas to Papa Bear, but they were all wrong!
Papa Bear grumbled and groused and growled. And Mama Bear said, “Get out! Go pick some berries while I fix these pajamas!!”

So Papa Bear left, grumbling and grousing and growling, and Mama Bear took off the wrong arms and the wrong legs. (remove pieces)

“Now what am I going to do?” she said. “I don’t have enough red fabric to make more arms and legs.” So she started looking around her sewing room. She found a scrap of blue material, and she mad a LEFT arm out of it and sewed it where the LEFT arm should go. (place piece)

She found a scrap of green material and made a RIGHT arm out of it and sewed it where the RIGHT arm should go. (place piece)

She found a scrap of yellow material and made a LEFT leg out of it and sewed it where the LEFT leg should go. (place piece)

She found a scrap of purple material and made a RIGHT leg out of it and sewed it where the RIGHT leg should go. (place piece)

groovy PJ's, all fixed!

All that sewing was just finished when Papa Bear returned from his walk. When Mama Bear showed him the pajamas, he was so surprised that he dropped his bucket of berries. “Why, Mama Bear, those are the best pajamas I have ever seen! And they are just the right colour!

So: you need red felt, and I used black felt and fabric scraps to make the colourful legs and arms. The pieces are pretty simple, I just made these up by hand. Use whatever colour of fabric you have, and make the story fit to that.

Today’s Round-Up is hosted by Rain Makes Applesauce.

Flannel Friday Round Up – March 16

Ok folks, here it is.. I am hosting the fantabulous Flannel Friday Round-up! There are lots of great ideas for SPRING today. I think we are all ready for some green to pop out of the ground, some sparkly rainbows, and cheeping birdies. Enjoy this amazing page full of talent!

I brought out an oldie, but goodie for today’s round-up, which you can see here.

Miss Alison is using interfacing as well. See what she’s done with piggies.

Leprechauns and shamrocks are the stars at Recipe for Reading. Katie has done up a fun puppet/prop story.

Maureen demonstrates The Quarreling Rainbow and teaches us some sign language, too!

After the rainbows have made up, they can dance! Storytime ABC’s has a not-so-flannel post to go with the Springy theme.

A new flannel board is ready for Library Quine, and I’m sure she will fill it with flannely-goodness!

Spring has sprung and the birds are in their nest! See what Miss Tara has for you!

There’s a great finger puppet tutorial and some sweet little birds at Notes from the Story Room.

If you cut yourself while making finger puppets, Seth can help you out with some band-aids. Can I just say it? YEAH! We have a guy in the house!

There are even more birds at 1234 More Storytimes. Tweet tweet!

You never know what amazingly cute thing is growing in Read, Sarah, Read’s patch of grass!

There are more things hiding in the grass over at My Storytime Life.

Speaking of looking for things, go on a Bear Hunt with Falling Flannelboards. We’re going to catch a big one……

Flannel-board babies! Katie brings us a sweet little rhyme perfect for Baby Storytimes.

There are some nattily dressed bears and a familiar song In the Children’s Room.

Sarah has a whole lot of jumping going on in this Leap Day flannel. You don’t need to wait 4 more years to use it, though!

Miss Mary Liberry has gone buggy with a great idea! This one includes science, guessing, vocabulary, and letter knowledge.

Everyone will be stuck on magnetic walls after they see this great idea by Kendra.

In need of a pirate ship? Never fear, because Andrea has a template and a couple of rhymes for you.

Perhaps your mode of transport is cars. Lisa has a few for you.

Our very own Future Librarian Superhero shares a quick and easy collage technique for making flannelboard figures.

Hungry? Get your lunch at Libraryland!

What Happens in Storytime is inspired today by owls and pigs.

And finally, here are some super-cute, not very scary monsters from Piper Loves the Library!

Wait, wait… a few last minute entries:
Storytime Katie made some finger puppets for the farm, and Cate has some uses for little robot puppets.

You made it to the end — now go out there and FLANNELIZE!

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