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App of the Week: My A to Z

ABC appThis is the best free app I’ve seen, maybe ever! More than a flash-card ABC app, this one allows for personalization that can be an excellent learning tool. Each letter of the alphabet is presented with simple clip art and a spoken word. No big deal, right? Plenty of apps do that. But with this one, from Night & Day Studios, you can make your own ABC flashcards! Record your own voice (or your child’s). Record the dog barking! Take it with you to the zoo and record some animals! Go on an alphabet hunt around your house, your yard, your town — and personalize the alphabet with your child!

It works on iPhone and iPad, so if you have one of those and a child between the ages of 3-6, you need to go get this app right now! And free is a very good price for something with such great learning potential.

Here’s a great way to use it: Start with A. With your child, go on a hunt for something that starts with A. Take a photo of it, and change the default apple picture! Now, record your voice, or your child’s, saying the word or making a sound. Then move on to B….  And once your child has learned all the words you find, you can start over, and add more vocabulary! And you don’t have to stick to English– customize it to help teach your child any language!

I just love this app. What a great way to share a technology tool with your child.


App of the Week: Bugs & Bubbles

App: Bugs & Bubbles                                                bubbles

Developer: Little Bit studio

Price: $2.99

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Educational Use:  colors, counting, letters, patterns, shapes, sorting

Age: 2-7

Why I like it:  Lots of games, different levels, and many ways to learn. Nice graphics, too.

There are 18 games in this app, so the $2.99 pricetag is pretty reasonable (and it looks great on the iPad, which is how I tested it).  Each game has levels, so the youngest can play and older kids will probably be interested as well.  It has soothing background music and  really nice graphics. And who doesn’t love bubbles? There are games for learning colors, counting, recognizing patterns, learning about opposites, vocabulary, matching, a game that uses “pinching” -(building those pincer muscles again),  a letter drawing activity, and several more! The games are entertaining enough to play more than once, and the skills that can be developed are many.


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