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App of the week: Chalk Walk

Welcome to my new feature, App of the Week! Each week,  I will showcase an app that I’ve tested and recommend.  Here’s my inaugural choice!     chalk wlak

App: Chalk Walk

Developer:  Mrs. Judd’s Games

Price: FREE

Platform: iPad

Educational Use: writing, fine motor skills

Age: 2-6

Why I like it:  fun and funky music, have to use 2 fingers to draw, which mimics the fine motor skills needed to use a pencil.


There are two modes: Trace and Doodle. In trace, you follow a line that gives puzzle clues to spell words. In Doodle, you can, well, doodle – you can also change backgrounds,  save your pictures, and change the chalk color.  This is a good app for children who like to draw and write. Because you have to use the “pincer” muscles – the thumb and finger- it develops the same fine motor skills as holding a pencil. the Parents and Teachers section has some nice tips for extending and sharing this app with kids.  While it does have occasional notifications, I have not noticed any other annoying ads or in-app purchases. You can turn off the music, though it is really not bad.  Settings allow for right or left-handed users.

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