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Flannel Friday: homage

I needed a quick, Christmas-y flannel, so I turned to the fabulous Flannel Friday Holiday Extravaganza. There were so many choices, but only  a few fell under my need for quick and easy, using very few materials. I settled on “Five Little Christmas Trees”, originally posted on What Happens in Storytime. This one really fit the bill– I only needed 3 squares of green felt, scissors, glue, and glitter. I cut the trees out without a pattern, as I wanted them to each look different. I think the whole thing took maybe half an hour. So, if you need a quick flannel story for a Christmas event, try this one! Visit the original post for the rhyme that goes with this easy flannelboard!

Felt trees with glitter

This just in– shared this with a large group of kids waiting for Santa to arrive, and they loved it. The “chop!” gives a loud, fun, active thing for kids to do, and boys especially enjoyed this part. Two thumbs, way up, for this simple, yet effective rhyme.

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