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App of the week: Mo on the Go

From Disney Publishing, available for iPhone and iPad, comes a new Mo Willems app called Mo on the Go. For $3.99, you and your child can spend some quality time with the Pigeon’s creator. There’s a monster maker, where you get to choose the top, middle, and bottom of your monster. There’s a fun “Dream Drive” game where you pick moup all the ducklings at the bus stops. There are sticker pictures, which is my least favourite of the app, but I’m sure kids will have fun with it.  There are two other games that I find really fun. There’s Dance-o-Rama where you get to choose 3 dances for Piggie and Gerald the Elephant. You can dance along, and after a few dance sessions, Mo Williems will come out and dance with you! Fun! ** And Mo’s Squillems is a fun drawing activity. You start with a squiggle then the next person adds to the drawing. You can choose for Mo to start the squillem, or you can play with 2 people (parent and child would be the obvious choice!). For kids who love Mo Willems’ books, this one is an entertaining addition to the app collection. It features several of the author’s characters, so if you already have the Pigeon app, this one is a nice way to look beyond the famous bird books.

**I’ve used this app in storytime — had everyone dance along. Great way to get some movement in!

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