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Books for the season

 ‘Tis the season, and so I will share some of my favourite books for Christmas and winter holidays.  We’ve gotten some new ones in, and there are some old favourites as well. They will likely be all checked out by now, but I’m sharing them nevertheless!

Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker by James Mayhew

Ella Bella’s ballet class is having a party, and when Ella Bella goes off to fetch the music box, she meets Clara under the tree and toddles off to Nutcracker land. This is a very simple retelling of the classic story, just right for prepping a youngster for their first experience with The Nutcracker.

Dinosaur vs. Santa by Bob Shea  aa dino santa

Feisty little Dinosaur is trying very hard to be good so that Santa will come visit him. If you have your own little dinosaur, this is a fun one to share. Slight on story, it still has a certain charm. Look for other “Dinosaur Versus” books if you enjoy this one.

How do Dinosaurs say Happy Chanukah? By Jane Yolen

If you are familiar with the other “How do Dinosaurs” books, this one will be no surprise. Dinosaurs enjoy dreidels,  candles in the menorah, and of course, love and joy. A sweet addition to the series just in time for the holidays.

Melrose and Croc : a Christmas to remember by Emma Chichester Clark

It may be because I am a sucker for a book with a crocodile in it, but I just adore this book. Melrose the dog and Croc are lonely in the big city at Christmas time. Just when they give up hope of having a happy Christmas, they bump into each other. The rest is history, my friends.

Silver packages : an Appalachian Christmas story by Cynthia Rylant

This is one from the vaaa silverults. An oldie, but always brings a tear to this Kentucky girl’s heart. Christmas Train comes each year to give gifts to children in the mountains, and one boy finds a way to give back.  For older listeners, and even adults.

 The Steamroller: a fantasy by Margaret Wise Brown

Another oldie, but what a book! Daisy’s parents do not give her dolls or books or clothes. No. They give her a steamroller for Christmas. And it squashes people flat. A truly bizarre little gem from the mother of Goodnight Moon.


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