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New books to enjoy

Here are a few new books that I think you will enjoy!bruce

Picture Books
Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins, Disney Hyperion

A hilarious case of mistaken identity – Bruce the bear loves eggs. When he buys some local, organic, free-range goose eggs, things go south, as it were. The eggs, instead of boiling, hatch. Now Bruce has children instead of dinner. Watch the grumpy bear change into a doting caregiver in this fun romp.

Red Yellow Blue and a dash of white, too by C. G. Esperanza, Sky Pony Press

A child paints an elephant, who then mixes paints and creates her own paintings. This fanciful book showcases colour mixing and art in such a delightful, bright manner. The action words make it pop just as much as the fun illustrations do. Add it to your artsy storytime and get the paints out and mix away!

be freind
Be a Friend by Salina Yoon, Bloomsbury

A boy, who does not speak, finds a friend in a Joy, a girl who is silent as well. Their friendship is made of similar interests and kindness. With sepia-toned illustrations that appeal to the senses, this book should get even the youngest thinking about what it means to be a friend.


For Teachers….
Flowers are calling by Rita Gray, Illustrated by Pak Kenard. Houghton Mifflin

This simple rhymed text will be a good addition to classrooms studying pollination. The flowers call to the pollinators, and the text gives a little extra information about how this happens. Nature studies will be enriched with these lovely watercolour illustrations that have the feel of lush landscapes. flower calling

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